Deposit Accounts

A 1st State Banker will help you select the account that's right for you.  Regardless of the size of your organization, we have a solution for you to manage cash, from a simple, straightforward checking account to a more customized approach to help manage complex banking needs.


Checking Accounts
 CheckingPlus CheckingSweep CheckingPremium Money Market
This account is for you... Basic operating account with moderate to high banking activity. Customers with moderate activity and balances, that would like to earn interest. For organizations with high balance, high transaction volumes and would like to earn interest on excess funds. For organizations with larger deposit requirements, you will earn the maximum interest while still enjoying the convenience of writing checks.
Usage Guidelines
(Transactions and minimum balance requirement.)
No monthly activity charge. No minimum balance requirement. Unlimited items allowed. No minimum balance requirement. 250 items allowed. Excess fees $0.25 per item over 250. $0.15 debits*
$0.15 credits
$0.10 deposited checks
$25,000 Average Monthly Balance to avoid maintenance charge. Unlimited withdrawals if done in person or at the ATM. Preauthorized withdrawals, electronic transfers, and checks are limited to six per month.
Minimum to Open $50 $50 $50 $50
Monthly Maintenance Charge N/A N/A $8* $25 if minimum is not maintained.
Earnings Credit N/A N/A Earning’s Credit Rate is calculated on the average collected balance, minus a 10% reserve to offset fees. N/A
Interest N/A Tiered** Daily sweep to interest bearing account Tiered**
Debit card YES YES YES YES
Online Banking YES YES YES YES
Check Images YES YES YES YES
 eStatements  YES YES  YES  YES

*An earnings credit is applied to the account which helps reduce and may even eliminate the monthly account fees. Contact a deposit specialist for more details. The determination to place the account on the analysis program is discretionary and solely that of the Bank. The decision is based on account activity levels and service provided.

**Interest rates depend on the account balance. Please contact your 1st State Bank office for current rate information.

For more information, visit any of our Banking Offices or please Contact Us.