Recognizing the Upward, Bright and Young






In 2005 1st State Bank began a community award to highlight and acknowledge some of the area’s best and brightest professionals under the age of 40 who have made their mark in their professions and are having an impact throughout the Great Lakes Bay area.

Qualified candidates must be nominated. Nominations are sought throughout year and reviewed by a panel of business professionals.
1st State Bank honors each years recipients at the annual RUBY Award dinner.

If you are interested in nominating a young professional please contact one of our branch offices.
All RUBY recipients and their profiles can be viewed on Facebook at RUBY Award.


 9th Year - 2013

Eric Friedman

Rodney Iamurri

Daniel Kehres, D.C.

Kimberly Offenbecker

Steve Puvalowski

Andrew Schoenborn

Brian Thomas

David Tokarsky

Melissa Cribley-Wahl

Cale Wasserman

Charles Zimmer 



8th Year - 2012 

Brooke L. Beebe                       Brian P. Klump

Jill Covyeou Pharm.D              Pavel Konecny

Benjamin Denay                       LT Michael Major                          

Jules P. Gehrke                        Rachel Larimore               

Brad Gomoluch                        Heather Rousseau

Michael Grossi                         Amanda Schafer Johnson

Wendy Kanar                            Karla D. Witzke, DO


7th Year-2011

Andrew Chubb                                 Kristopher (Kip) Northrup

Rep. Stacey Erwin Oakes              Magen Samyn

Carrie Kessel                                   Ryan Carley

Christopher Surfield                        Anthony (TJ) Nagorsen

David Rifkin                                      Jason Dore

Jamie Furbush


6th Year-2010

Gary Bruff                                         Joshua Ode

Karl Ieuter                                        Jim Stutelberg

Sara Johnson                                 Anthony Taylor

David Karpovich                             Amy Zehnder Grossi

Karen Murphy


5th Year -2009

J. J. Boehm                                      Rachelle Jacques

Jason Brown                                   David Jaffe

Natasha Coulouris                        Leslie Perry

D. J. DiBlasi                                    Brian Pruitt

Matthew Eyre                                  Jonah Salim

Jill Gushow


4th year- 2008

Jennifer Carrol                              Jennifer Pahl

Sharon Cleland                            Delicia Pruitt, MD

Christopher Girard                       Ericka Taylor

Todd Hall                                       Robert Tuttle, PhD

Max Holman                                  Steven Vance, MD

D. Aaron Howald                          Scott Walker

Matt Jeffrey


3rd year- 2007

Paul Barbeau                               Don McAnelly

Brenda Coughlin                         Dana Muscott

Chad Estep                                  Valerie Peterson-Owens

Kurt Ieuter                                    Melissa Skulley

Amy Legacy


2nd year- 2006

Kevin Birchmeier                       Judge Jonathan E. Lauderbach

Dr. Brooks Byam                        Brian McLeod

Ellen E. Crane                            Ajay Middha

Scott G. Gaynor, Ph.D.              Dr. Kala Karu Ramasamy

Steve Gohm                               Jeff  Vande Zande

Gary Hausbeck                          Christian Velasquez

Lisa Kusey                                 Jenee Velasquez

Marc Labadie


1st year- 2005

James C. Fabiano II                  Jill Pilgrim

Andrea Fisher                             Ricardo Resio

Sean Gallagher                          Dr. Samuel Shaheen

Gavin W. Goetz                           Gary Short Jr

Renee Johnston                        Brian R. Stadler

Jeff Mayes                                   Chris Tointon