Business Cash Management


Courier Service

Our goal is to make doing business with your Bank as convenient as possible. That’s why we offer free courier service to pick up your deposits at your business when you want. Courier pick-ups can be on a recurring schedule or on an on-call basis.

Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit allows you to convert your paper checks into electronic images using only a small desktop scanner, a personal computer and a connection to the internet.  You submit those electronic images to 1st State Bank for deposit and never have to leave your office.  Deposits can be made 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at your convenience.

Online Banking

Business Online Video Demo

1st State Bank business customers have complete access to their deposit and loan accounts through our online banking service. View account information, check images, make transfers between accounts, initiate stop payments and pay bills all at your convenience. 1st State Online Banking provides you with multiple levels of security so that you can customize access and authorities for your employees.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Service

Our ACH service provides you with a convenient and inexpensive means of processing vendor payments, tax payments, direct depositing your employees’ payroll or transferring funds between banks. ACH payments are processed on an overnight basis. Transactions can be on a one-time or recurring basis.

Loan Sweep

1st State Bank’s Loan Sweep service allows you to set up an automatic sweep between your business checking account and your line of credit. Then, based on a target balance in your checking account, 1st State Bank automatically pays down your line of credit from the excess or advances funds from your line of credit to meet your daily cash requirements.

Loan Sweep will save you money on your interest, and eliminate the need to worry about overdraft fees on your business checking account.

Zero Balance Account

A Zero Balance Account (ZBA) will link your various checking accounts to a General Operating checking account to provide efficiency to your available cash flow. Funds flow between your ZBA and your General Operating account automatically which eliminates the need for you to transfer funds.

Wire Transfer Service

1st State Bank will transfer funds from your account with us to another bank on your instruction.  Our in-house wire transfer area will handle your requests accurately and timely with personal attention. 

Merchant Services

1st State Bank offers credit, debit and gift card payment processing solutions for many businesses, including healthcare, retail, e-commerce and more. We provide 24/7 authorization services and help desk support to match. Let us give you a quote.

Lockbox Services

Whether your remittance needs are business to business or consumer to business, 1st State Bank has a lockbox solution for your business. A 1st State lockbox provides your company with a private label post office box to which your customers remit payments. Our Bank collects your mail on a daily basis and processes remittances quickly and accurately based on your custom lockbox instructions. Funds are immediately deposited into your account and images of all correspondence, remittance documents and deposit information are provided to you on a daily basis.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay Video Demo

This service is an effective risk management solution which provides the ability to monitor your checking account to combat check and ACH fraud. Positive Pay ensures that funds are not released from your checking account unless specific information on each ACH request or check presented for payment. Any discrepancies are flagged so that you can approve or decline the request for payment.



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