Personal Banking Services


Online BankingInteractive Video Player

Our personal online banking allows you to handle your daily banking needs at any time. Check your available balances, schedule and pay bills, access eStatements, and transfer funds between accounts.



Bill Pay Interactive Video Player

Pay all your bills in one place! Use this convenient and secure service to manage your payments, group similar bills into categories to stay organized and set up automatic payments for your bills that remain the same each month. Sign up for Online Bill Pay through Online Banking



Mobile BankingInteractive Video Player

Manage your money on the go. Make transfers, pay bills, and deposit checks from anywhere. Mobile Banking is securely locked behind multi-layered security. If your device supports facial recognition and fingerprint scanning, you will be able to use these biometric measures for extra security. Sign up for Mobile Banking through online banking.



Pop MoneyInteractive Video Player

The fast and easy way to send money to family and friends. Use this personal payment service to both send and receive funds. All you need is the recipient’s name and either their mobile phone number or email address. Money is transferred from your account right into theirs.




Alerts 1464805291_cell_phone_dollar_shopping_sales_money

Always know what’s in your bank accounts with Mobile Alerts. When you sign up for 1st State Bank’s online banking you have the option to receive alerts sent directly to your mobile device. Sent via SMS, you can choose to be alerted for a variety of checking and savings transactions, such as deposit activity, debit activity, and your daily morning balance.